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mild to moderate hearing loss (hearing loss in the range of 25dB to 50dB)
high-frequency loss. This is decrease in hearing sensitivity associated with aging. Afflicted individuals still have normal hearing for a large portion of the speech signal, but because of the importance of high-frequency speech cues, they have a significant communication problem, especially understanding speech in the presence of background noise. They complain: "I can hear, but I can�t understand." To fit these individuals with a hearing instrument is challenging and only possible with a high-end instrument like Siemens ACURIS Life. Why? Because the portion of the speech they still can hear may not be amplified, as the sound impression then would be too loud. The advanced Siemens ACURIS technology ensures perfect adjustment and amplification of sounds where necessary. However, in the speech frequencies where hearing is normal, no amplification is applied.
first time users (Siemens ACURIS Life is discreet, easy to handle, comfortable to wear)
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