Audina Intuition 12

Audina’s new Intuition 12 custom hearing instrument, incorporating nano chip technology with 24-bit precision, ensures accurate audio signal processing with lower internal noise and distortion. It’s unique and patented system architecture optimally balances workload power consumption and processing efficiency - resulting in extended battery life. The new 12-channel instrument offers maximum power output (MPO) control with 8 adjustable WDRC Channels with 8 separate MPO controls, providing greater fitting flexibility ensuring improved customer satisfaction. Intuition 12 with ultra-high fidelity audio – 110dB dynamic range, offers Audina’s exclusive Softwave system designed to moderate loud incoming sounds and improves the listening experience while maintaining quality and intelligibility. Adaptive Directionality (AD) is standard when directional microphones are ordered. AD continuously monitors different listening environments and automatically adjusts to the ideal response with environmental changes. The revolutionary approach to adaptive feedback cancellation provides significantly faster convergence speeds, allowing the instrument to adapt to changing feedback conditions up to six times faster than the market-leading Intuition 4+ (or 300 milliseconds rather than 1 to 2 seconds). This coupled with the state-of-the-art nano technology offers excellent bandwidth to achieve more added stable gain in the low frequencies, providing an opportunity to fit a wider range of patients with severe hearing losses.
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