Phonak Milo / Milo Plus
Milo and Milo Plus feature an attractive, modern design that is robust and comfortable to wear. They continue the tradition of proven Phonak technology and Swiss quality.

Unmatched technology
Phonak has developed, produced and globally distributed high-tech hearing aids for over 50 years. Their mastery in acoustics and hearing technology allows them to significantly improve people's communication and quality of life.

Swiss engineering
Milo and Milo Plus were engineered at Phonak's technology center in the heart of Switzerland. So naturally, both hearing aids benefit from the world renowned Swiss craftsmanship.

Improve communication
Milo and Milo Plus excel without complexity and focus on the essentials: quality and reliability at an affordable price. The hearing aids accommodate all degrees of hearing loss and improve communication by enhancing speech clarity and ensuring comfortable listening.

Milo and Milo Plus offer everything you expect from a pHonak: high performance, top quality and long-term dependability.

Essential hearing
The most common problems faced by hearing aid users are difficulty understanding in background noise and annoying whistling, also known as feedback. Proven Phonak technology effectively eliminates feedback and improves communication, even in difficult listening situations.
  • Clear conversations
  • Comfortable listening
  • No whistling
No more whistling
Embarrassing whistling is not an issue with Milo and Milo Plus. Wear your favorite hat or hug a loved one. Phonak technology makes sure you hear better without the annoyance of whistling, not matter what the activity.

Better understanding in noise
It is often difficult to understand speech in loud restaurants or at family gatherings. Now, with Milo Plus you can understand better in noisy situations because your hearing instruments will automatically focus on speech and reduce background noise.

Affordable price
Finally, quality and reliability has become affordable for everyone. At two price points, Milo and Milo Plus will impress you without exceeding your budget. Moreover, a wide range of models matches virtually every hearing need and lifestyle. A Phonak is for everyone!

Attractive models
Milo and Milo Plus are available in three behind-the-ear models, including a micro, each with attractive, durable housings. Milo Plus also offers a full range of in-the-ear models. Consult your hearing care professional to find out which Milo or Milo Plus is right for you.