Prairie Labs Revolution Electronic Digital Processing Option

- Advanced Adaptive Feedback Rejection for - 12-Band Equalizer for Fine Tuning
Improved Stability, Higher Gains, and - Up to four Programmable Memories
Larger Venting at all Frequencies with Memory Identification Tones
- New Layered Noise Reduction Reduces Noise - Selection of Directional Patterns
When Speech is not present - Wideband Output Compression limiting
- 4-Channel WDRC Compression MPO Limiting Threshold Adjustments for
Excellent Performance in Noisy Environments for each Channel
Selectable Time Constant Modes - Low Battery Warning Tone
Look-ahead Detection for Loud Impulse Noises Alerts User of Low Battery Level
Independent Expansion in Each Channel - Optional Auto T-coil or Manual T-coil
- A variety of Receiver Units (RU) and Dome sizes available - Optional Omni Directional Microphone
- 1 year warranty including Loss & Damage
- Available in 5 different case colors: Beige, Gray, Charcoal, Cocoa Brown, & Black
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